Learn more about the Vandalia Health Network, and why you should join. If you have questions or want to get more information about joining, please contact us.

What is a clinically integrated network?

The concept of clinical integration (CI) is a physician-led and patient-centered approach to health care management and coordination. It is a group of physicians committed to providing high-quality, cost effective patient care that is measurable and leads to better results. It brings together physicians, hospitals and health systems through technology, shared data and performance benchmarks to reach the “triple aim” of improving the quality of care, enhancing the patient experience and reducing health care costs. A clinically integrated network (CIN) like the Vandalia Health Network places the patient at the center of care and strives to deliver the right care, at the right time and by the right provider.

The transition to value-based payment models has put increased responsibility on health care providers to engage physicians more closely in restructuring the delivery of care. That’s why forward-thinking providers and health care organizations across the country are teaming up to develop CI programs that will help enhance quality; create greater value for patients, providers, payers and communities; and ensure a smooth transition to value-based care.

CI offers physicians an opportunity to take a leadership role in shaping the future of health care. By bringing together different specialties under common incentive and governance structures CI creates – and rewards – collaboration between groups of physicians who may not work together today.

Why should I join the Vandalia Health Network?

Joining the Vandalia Health Network gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gain access to your patient quality data and reports from our population health software to help you continuously improve upon the quality care you deliver;
  • Share best practices with your network colleagues;
  • Play a leading role in shaping the network’s overall Clinical Quality Program:
  • Leverage the stability, support and resources of a large physician-centric network, while remaining independent if you choose;
  • Have access to a team of centralized care managers to facilitate transitions in care for all patients within the CIN contracts, while maintaining control of your patient’s overall care;
  • Collectively negotiate with commercial health plans and self-funded employers for value-based payments;
  • Thrive in value-based reimbursement models focused on effectively and efficiently improving care;
  • Receive assistance with electronic health record interfaces in conjunction with population health software.

What do I need to do to participate?

To participate, providers will be asked to do the following:

  • Have a proven track record of delivering high quality care;
  • Share a commitment to enhancing the patient experience, improving quality and reducing costs;
  • Become an active participant in the CIN’s initiatives and to promote and adhere to the CIN’s care models and continuous quality improvement strategies;
  • Develop and share best practices in collaboration with peer providers;
  • Utilize an electronic health record (EHR), within the CIN’s established timeframe;
  • Be willing to electronically share clinical and demographic data with CIN;
  • Complete and submit the Network Participation Agreement.